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A platform where students can rate and review universities, share their experiences, and ask questions to current students or alumni.
ApplyingtocollegeEducationReview PlatformCommunity BuildingUser-Generated ContentStudent Q&ARating System
Potential Monthly Revenue:$50000
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An AI-powered fitness app that analyzes individual goals, schedules, and fitness levels to optimize workout routines and provide personalized recommendations for efficient exercise
Potential Monthly Revenue:$99900
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A startup that provides a customizable spin to win widget that can be embedded directly into websites to offer rewards and discounts to customers in a more elegant and integrated manner.
B2B_SalesCustomer EngagementWebsite ToolsCustomization
Potential Monthly Revenue:$50000
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A platform that connects freelance SaaS developers with entrepreneurs and startups looking to build MVPs and first iterations, based on their specific needs and requirements.
FreelanceFreelancingSaasEntrepreneurshipMatchmaking PlatformLinkedin
Potential Monthly Revenue:$10000
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A mobile app that provides personalized support and resources for individuals trying to quit nicotine, including tips for managing side effects like tired muscles and tracking progress
SelfimprovementHealth & WellnessMobile AppPersonalized SupportNicotine AddictionQuit SmokingProgress Tracking
Potential Monthly Revenue:$11490
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A startup that generates unique and available business names along with domain availability checks
SweatystartupBusinessNamingDomain Availability Checker
Potential Monthly Revenue:$10525
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A virtual coaching platform where users can submit videos of their workouts or form for feedback from certified fitness trainers and experienced lifters.
WeightroomFitnessVideo AnalysisVirtual Coaching
Potential Monthly Revenue:$15000
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25219 ideas found.


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