About Us

Hey There, Welcome to IdeaPicker!

I'm Ege, the founder of IdeaPicker. My journey began with a simple need: to find a killer business idea. Little did I know, this personal quest would lead me to something bigger - helping fellow entrepreneurs like you!

Our Story

It all started when I was searching for that one brilliant business idea. That's when I turned to AI for help! But why stop at helping myself? I thought, why not share this AI magic with others? And that's how IdeaPicker was born.

What We Do

We're all about using smart AI to give you business ideas that are fresh, exciting, and just right for you. Whether you're just starting or looking to shake things up in your current business, we've got your back.

Our Dream

We're not just a one-stop idea shop. We're building a community where dreamers like you can find their start, get support, and share successes. We're constantly improving and can't wait to see where this journey takes us - together!

Join the Fun!

Got an entrepreneurial itch? Let's scratch it together with some awesome AI-generated business ideas. Dive into IdeaPicker and let's make business dreams a reality! Need to chat? Drop us a line at team@ideapicker.io - we'd love to hear from you!