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IdeaPicker is an AI tool for idea generation. We find startup ideas by scanning Reddit for pain points. Real pain points from real people.

We search Reddit with AI for pain points of people.
Reddit User: "I've grown my Instagram from 1k to 200k in 1 year. How much can I charge for an ad? I average 100k-200k views each reel."
We find the pain point.
People who have grown their social media accounts are unsure of how much to charge for promos.
We find the startup idea.
A platform that provides pricing guidance for influencers to charge for promos based on their follower count, engagement rate, and demographics.

Potential Monthly Revenue: $60000

We create the Business Plan.
Product, Market Analysis, Value Proposition, Marketing and Growth Strategy, Monetization, Potential Revenue

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“Really neat idea! Love how broad the topics are. I was able to find some in the space I’m building (books) and one that touches on a sub feature we’re currently building.”


“This is awesome man. How did you even build this? Amazing work. Next, you'll create a platform that will build out the app for the business idea. And then you'll basically be the end to end solution.”


“This is so great. I have been wanting something like this for a while now. I have been really not knowing how to get ideas for these side projects.”


“Fantastic work! Thank you for making this!”